The EMBELLISHING HANDBOOK: an eBook written and created by me for Big Picture Classes and Ella Publishing, December 2012. You can find the eBook HERE.

ELLA'S ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO SCRAPBOOKING GIRLS: contributor to this eBook, along with 4 others. Ella Publishing, 2010. You can find the eBook HERE.

CARDS Magazine:
Button card (Jenni Bowlin): March 2011.
Easter butterfly card (Jenni Bowlin): March 2011.
Two card (Jenni Bowlin): Feb 2011.
Birdy Baby Boy card (Jenni Bowlin): Feb 2011.
You are My Reason Why card (Pink Paislee): Feb 2011.
May Your Bobbin Always Be Full card (Jenni Bowlin): Feb 2011.
Best card (Pink Paislee): March 2010.
Tattered Wings card (Melissa Frances): February 2010.
Best Friends card (Pink Paislee): February 2010.
For You, Sugar card: February 2010.
Designer Spotlight Article about me: Sept 2009.
Fall card (Pink Paislee): Sept 2009.
Happy Back to School Day (Pink Paislee): Sept 2009.
4 You card (Pink Paislee): Sept 2009.
Baby Boy card (Cut Cardstock): Sept 2009.
Shh, It's a Surprise card (Cut Cardstock): Sept 2009.
Love card set (Dream Street): Sept 2009.
Come Home Soon card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
Miss You card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
For My Guy card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
Happy card (Pink Paislee): July 2009.
You're My Style card (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Birthday Girl card (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Little Princess card (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Princess Party Invitation (Pink Paislee): January 2008.
Holiday tag (Melissa Frances): December 2008.
Way to Go card: Oct. 2008.
Get Well card: Sept. 2008.
Celebrate card (Pink Paislee): Sept. 2008.
Happy Birthday butterfly card (Pink Paislee): Aug 2008.
Fall card: Aug 2008.
It's a Girl card: July 2008.
Enjoy card: July 2008.
Friends card: April 2008.
For You card: April 2008.
Just Married card: April 2008.
All Star card: April 2008.
Best of Times card: Feb. 2008.
Have Faith card: Jan. 2008.
Lots of Gifts card: Dec. 2007.
Birthday hat card: Dec. 2007.
Baby Girl card: Dec. 2007.
Stitched Flower Delight card: April 2007.

Layout, card and gift bag 2011. 

Li'l Fish layout: Scrapbooking Ideas for Every Season 2012.
She's All Girl layout: upcoming Mixed Media Issue 2012.

2 technique cards: 2011.

Glass Block Nightlight: Spring issue 2008.

ESPRIT MAGAZINE (French publication):
Article and several projects July 2011.

HANDMADE Magazine (formerly Paper Trends):Bless this Home Tin Star (Melissa Frances): April/May 2009
Little Prince Gift Box and Card set (Melissa Frances): April/May 2009.
Birthday Girl card: April/May 2009
Joy Gift Box (Melissa Frances): Dec/Jan. 2009 

It's That Time Again layout: on-line featured idea layout, Oct. 18, 2007.
Tell of Spring layout: October 2007.


Enjoy Your Retirement card: May 2012.

cards: Cool Tools special issue 2011.
Little Girl Birthday Gift Set: 2011.
From the Bottom of My Heart card: Color issue 2010.
Joy Christmas Gift Box: Nov/Dec 2010.
Joy and Love Decor: Holiday Cards and More 2010.
Happy Anniversary card: Card Style 2010.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town card: Card Style 2010.
Simply the Best card (JBS): Card Style 2010.
Thanks for being You card (JBS): Card Style 2010.
Dream Big card (JBS): Card Style 2010.
The Best Dreams card (Dream Street):  Go To Sketches Idea Book, 2010.
Be Mine card (Pink Paislee): Go To Sketches Idea Book, 2010.
A Little Something for the Birthday Girl (Pink Paislee): Go To Sketches Idea Book, 2010.
Sweet card (Pink Paislee): Jan/Feb 2010.
Joy card (Pink Paislee): Holiday Idea Book, 2009.
Christmas Tree Gift Box (Pink Paislee): Holiday Idea Book, 2009.
Pocket photo card (Melissa Frances): Holiday Idea Book, 2009.
For You card (Pink Paislee): A Card A Day Idea Book, Oct. 2009.
ABCD Teacher card (Melissa Frances): A Card A Day Idea Book, Oct. 2009.
BFF Friend card (Melissa Frances): A Card A Day Idea Book, Oct. 2009.
Endless Possibilities baby card (Melissa Frances): Card Creations 7, 2009.
Hey, Sugar card (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 7, 2009.
Chic card (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 7, 2009.
Curls layout (Pink Paislee): Recycle issue 2009.
Heart card (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 6, 2008.
Hoppy Easter: Card Creations 6, 2008.
Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (Pink Paislee): Card Creations 6, 2008.
Sympathy card: Paper Crafts Gourmet issue, 2008.
Half Birthday Fondue Ensemble: Paper Crafts Gourmet issue, 2008.
Twinkle Sparkle card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Dear Santa stocking: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Cozy Little Christmas card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Rejoice card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Magic Glass Ornament: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
Joy card: Holiday Cards and More issue, 2008.
My Sweetheart card: Aug/Sept. 2008.
Cell Phone #s Keychain: Crafting With Kids issue, 2008.
Girlfriends Keychain: Crafting With Kids issue, 2008.
Piano Practicing Chart: Crafting With Kids issue, 2008.
Happy Birthday felt bird card: March 2008.
Shamrock card: March 2008.
I (heart) You card: Feb. 2008.
With all my heart card: Feb. 2008.
You Rock card: Feb. 2008.

PAPER CREATIONS Magazine:Happy Birthday to You card: Summer issue 2008.


Memories Tin (Pink Paislee): Dec 2008.
A Bitter Wind Howls Halloween card (Melissa Frances): Oct/Nov 2008.
Baby Boy Birdhouse card: Aug/Sept 2008.
Babies are a Gift card: Aug/Sept 2008.
So Kind of You card (Pink Paislee): Aug/Sept 2008.
Fairy Tale Book Ends: Aug/Sept 2008.
It's Your Day card: April/May 2008.
Spoken For card: April/May 2008.
Good Times card: April/May 2008.
Teacher, I Thank You card: April/May 2008.
Thank You card: Dec/Jan 2008.
Enjoy the Magic card: Oct/Nov. 2007.

We Love Summer layout: June 2012.
4 cards: special sketch card issue 2012.
Little Cook layout: Spring 2011.
There's Snowbody Like You card: Winter 2010.
The Leaves are Rustling layout: Fall 2010.
Back 2 School card: Fall 2010.

Just a Little Note (hybrid) card: February 2008.
Take Time to Smell the Roses (hybrid) card: August 2007.
Simply Adorable (hybrid) layout: Feb. 2007.

Featured card designer: July 2008.

True Love layout: online article Feb. 2010.
Pinwheels 2011.

JOY layout (Pink Paislee): December 2014 COVER OF ISSUE.
Messy or Clean? layout: December 2010.
Spook layout: November 2010. COVER OF ISSUE
House of Love mini album (Dream Street): Mini Album Idea Book 2010.
With Love, Mom - mini album (Dream Street): Mini Album Idea Book 2010.
Sing page: February 2010.
Hey Diddle Diddle layout(Melissa Frances): February 2010.
P.S. I Love You mini album (Dream Street):February 2010.
The Greatest Love layout (Melissa Frances): August 2009.
No Two Are Alike mini album (Pink Paislee): Holiday Idea Book 2009
I Believe card (Melissa Frances): Holiday Idea Book 2009
Tips to Happiness mini album (Pink Paislee): Mini Album Idea Book, 2009.
Joy mini album (Magistical Memories): Feb 2009.
Holiday frame (Melissa Frances): December 2008.
Home frame (Melissa Frances): December 2008.
Be You layout (Pink Paislee): Sept. 2008.
Wishing You Merriment card: Holiday Idea Book 2008.
2 Rings Wedding card: Wedding Idea Book 2008.
7 Days a Week, I Count My Blessings layout: Embellishment Idea Book 2008.
Snow Smitten layout: Dec. 2007.

SCRAP INFO JOURNAL (Russian Magazine):
New Spring Shoes layout 2011.

Lolli Love layout (Melissa Frances) 2011.
You are My Forever layout (Melissa Frances) 2012.

Pinwheels: July/Aug. 2007.
Crate paper wedding frame: May 2007.
Cherish Flower Pot: Jan/Feb. 2007.
Thanks, Cupid layout: Jan/Feb. 2007.
Believe Christmas card: Nov. 2006.
Scrappy Heart Christmas card: Nov. 2006.
Wishing You Love at Christmas card: Nov. 2006.

Wobble layout: 2010.
Neighborhood Love layout: 2010.
Destination Beach mini album: Sept. 2008.

Blog header featured: Artful Blogging: Fall 2011.

ACCUCUT: Design work, Christmas 2008.

CREATIVE CAFE: Design work, Christmas 2008.
HOME AND GARDEN (HGTV) Television website:
You Bring Us Joy layout, July 2007.

DSAGuild.com: Altered House and Tree featured in "Christmas in July" newsletter along with an article written by me, July 2007.

InspireMeCardKits.com: Two custom acrylic stamps set of mine included in their July 2007 scrapbooking/card kits. 

Other contests

  • Scenic Route: Monthly winner of the Chipboard Contest, March 2008.
  • Fancy Pants' Blog: Felt Contest, one of 4 winners, March 2008.
  • Paper Crafts Magazine CARD IDOL contest: Made it in the top 5 out of 1100 entries, May 2007.


  • Project classes for Melissa Frances: Collins Group Trade Show, Framingham, MA March 2011.
  • Mini album technique classes: Reflections, CA: May 2010.
  • Layout, mini album and card classes: Lasting Memories, CT: March 2010.
  • Layout, mini album and card classes: Lasting Memories, CT: Oct 2009.
  • Project and card classes: Right at Home Scrapbooking, MA: May 2009.